Nataliya Sukhina

Nataliya Sukhina is a sought-after pianist with an extensive and diverse repertoire and numerous years of collaborative experience with vocalists and various instrumentalists. She is proficient in several keyboard family instruments (piano, fortepiano, harpsichord, and some organ), and finds herself equally at home with early, classical, and modern era music repertoire.

Nataliya can be heard on several CDs – "Facets 3: New American Music for Trumpet" with John Holt and Sophia Grech (2009), "7 Vignettes for 7 Choreographers" by Claudia H. Queen (2011), and "Shades of Light" with Lisa Garner (2014). She had an honor to participate in international cultural exchange programs with the Aruba Department of Cultural Affairs (2010), and the Chinese Music Institute of Peking University (2013). Nataliya appeared in the Amarillo and Lake City Arts chamber series, and worked for such festivals and competitions as the Bradetich International Double Bass Solo Competition, MTNA, International Trombone Festval, NATS, International Horn Symposium, etc. She regularly performs chamber recitals with guest artists from across th country and abroad.

Nataliya Sukhina works as a full-time collaborative pianist for Texas Tech University School of Music in Lubbock, TX. Summer engagements include Hot Springs Music Festval, AR, and STring Academy in Lake City, CO.

During her free time Nataliya very much enjoys her newly found passion – folk dancing, which includes but is not limited to contra, Scottish Country, Border Morris, Irish Set, and English Country styles.