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Collaborative pianists make the world a better place, one phrase at a time, through generous attention to partner and awareness of self, all in service of the music and of expressing our shared humanity. UNT’s Collaborative Piano Program, offering the MM and DMA in Collaborative Piano, as well as opportunities for Piano Performances majors interested in studying the collaborative arts, supports these goals through individualized programs of study reflecting each pianist’s career aspirations, musical interests and previous experience. In addition to private lessons and collaborative piano classes, pianists explore the activities of the profession through experiential learning in opera, large choral and instrumental ensembles, entrepreneurship activities, diction and repertory class settings, among others, as appropriate for each. Our mission is to encourage each pianist’s native gifts while encouraging continual exploration, growth and development as artists, professionals and human beings. Please explore our website for more information about our program, our students, and our guest artists, and please join us each October for CollabFest, celebrating all things collaborative piano. Please visit the CollabFest page, Guest Residency page and College of Music event calendar for information about our events, and please visit our handbook for more information about our programs. We would love to welcome you here!

Collaboratively yours,

Elvia Puccinelli, Coordinator of Collaborative Piano

Guidelines for pianist use for class and studio until further notice.

March 2020

Below, please find guidelines for pianist use for class and studio, effective immediately and until further notice.

For classes (class voice, diction) - students may perform unaccompanied or, a pianist can record accompaniments. If you would like tracks provided for your class, please email before March 27, 2020 including the date by which you will need the tracks.

  • Send clean and clearly marked scores in black and white .pdf as soon as possible to
  • Indicate the date each piece will be needed.
  • Allow at least one full week for turnaround.


For all voice lessons

The ideal is to have a singer’s regular pianist record tracks as needed, since the pianist will likely already know tempi and breathing choices. Please bear in mind that not all pianists will have access to an acoustic piano and/or the means to adequately record the tracks.

If this above option is not possible, three options remain.

Singers may:

  • sing unaccompanied
  • use an app like, Appcompanist, or
  • contact Elvia Puccinelli before March 31, 2020 at to have tracks provided for lesson use.
    • If you need tracks for voice lessons, either students or faculty should send clean and clearly marked scores in black and white .pdf by March 31, 2020 to
    • Optional: a recording of the singer singing A Cappella may also be sent to indicate tempo, breathing, rubato, etc.
    • Please indicate the final date the track(s) will be needed, and allow at least one week for turnaround.


Upper divisional juries may happen without piano, with an app, or with otherwise recorded tracks.
Instrumental lessons and juries will be unaccompanied.

Please note:

There is to be no in-person pianist involvement in rehearsal, lesson, recording or otherwise until further notice.  This policy is in place for all pianists (TA/TF, freelance, 1811, etc.).
Pianists are not required to submit recorded materials, regardless of the nature of the relationship, since not all will have access to an instrument or the means to record piano parts.
If you receive tracks that are not usable, please contact Elvia Pucinelli  know immediately at